Open Our Doors Campaign!

We’ve got all our stuff in the new building (yes, we’re still arranging it) and we’re putting the finishing touches on the building– we’re almost ready to

Open Our Doors!

Please join in our final push and have your efforts recognized FOREVER as one of the people who made the museum happen.

$25 or More

Will get your or your family’s name placed on a patron’s plaque which will be given a place of honor during the grand opening. We are also doing In Memoriam names — if you have a friend or relative you wish to be remembered forever in association with the town of St. Clair.

Checks can be mailed to St. Clair Historical Museum. P.O. Box 137, St. Clair, MO 63077 or you may donate on line using the button below. If you choose the online option, and want multiple names, please email Carol Radford carol_radford AT with the details. A $1.00 additional donation to defray our online processing costs is not required, but would be greatly appreciated!

Hope to see you when we open the doors!